Innovation Capacity

Given the speed of change and steady entry of new competitors, health systems must increase their innovation pace and success rate. AVIA helps members build innovation capacity to confidently address more challenges at a faster clip.

Take action, now

Members are at different places on their innovation journey. Many AVIA members engage us in projects to build innovation capacity. AVIA brings our expert resources, plus the best practices and lessons learned from our 20+ network members, to create a tailor-made innovation plan. The plan covers important foundational elements like governance, decision rights, organization structure, and hiring profiles. There's an equal focus on action, and getting the innovation flywheel spinning in short order.

Getting started with AVIA means us getting to know you

Building a baseline

Action Readiness
an assessment tool focused on accelerating adoption of emerging solutions
a benchmarking tool geared to increasing an organization's innovation capacity
Innovation Prowess
a facilitation tool aimed at identifying alignment (and gaps) across leadership teams

Creating standards across your organization

  • Metrics for measuring innovations (financial and non-financial)
  • Options for accelerating legal, contracting and financial reviews
  • Mechanisms for incubating and co-developing innovations
  • Programs to impact culture and promote innovative behaviors

Engaging across your organization

  • Innovation 101: Innovation as a business imperative
  • Innovation Capacity: Building more to capture the full potential of innovation
  • Innovation Funding: Leveraging venture to accelerate innovation
  • Innovation Delivered: Breaking down innovation barriers