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AVIA’s mission is to accelerate healthcare transformation. We work with our health system members to address their challenges with emerging technologies. By aggregating health system demand and driving a transparent process, AVIA’s approach yields a faster, better experience for providers and promising companies.

Kind words
from our

"AVIA has helped us streamline the sales process. Selling to hospitals can be a very long sales cycle. One of the benefits of working with AVIA is they have the right relationships at the right level so they're getting us to the key decision makers at the C-level."
CEO & Co-Founder
"AVIA saved our team significant time and effort by bringing multiple health systems to the table at once. The process was very thorough, which gave us the confidence that AVIA truly understood the topic and what their members’ needed.”
CEO & Co-Founder
"I see AVIA as a fantastic partner in our US go-to-market strategy. They have supported us by being investor references during our most recent round, working with us on structuring implementation plans, and ensuring success in each of the health system partnerships we've formed."

We provide:

  • Business Development:
    Identify a critical mass of the right customers that're ready to act, co-develop, or invest. Heighten brand visibility through AVIA’s relationships with national media and exclusive Network events.
  • Health System Engagement:
    Achieve sustained engagement with key influencers and decision-makers to cement system-level support for scaled initiatives.
  • Contract Navigation:
    Navigate complex health system processes like due diligence and decision-making to streamline contract signing.
  • Implementation Support:
    Create the path to scaled adoption, not disjointed pilots, with AVIA’s implementation playbooks and support.
  • Results Measurement:
    Create and track clear metrics that propel pilots to scale and publish joint case studies that drive marketplace recognition.
  • Commercial Growth:
    Grow stronger faster with fundraising advisory support, sales pitch feedback, and product-market insights from the “voice of the customer”.

Discover how AVIA can drive engagement with your digital solutions. Through our AVIA Connect platform, you can drive awareness of your solutions among the 40+ health systems that comprise our Innovator Network. Complete our inquiry form to learn more.

AVIA is stage-agnostic and has partnered with solution companies specializing in many areas of digital health, including wayfinding, real-time patient service recovery, and virtual access. Our primary goal is to identify the digital solutions that can best meet our members’ most important challenges. As a result, their needs dictate the market segments we explore and the solution companies that we engage. Any prior financial relationships with solution companies are disclosed upfront in our process, and our members ultimately select the solution that best fits their needs. If selected, solution companies have the option to become non-exclusive partners with AVIA. We are committed to a transparent process that aligns the interests of AVIA, health systems, and solution companies. Learn more about our guiding principles and how we operate.