AVIA Conflict of Interest Guidelines

1. Value and impact for Members first: Above all else and within our evolving scope of expertise, AVIA acts in the best interest of our health system Members, who are our catalyst for care delivery transformation. The most important criteria for any AVIA activity are the value and impact delivered to our health system Members and their patients.

2. Thriving solution companies are critical: Our value comes from bringing health systems and digital solutions together in intentional, balanced partnerships–allowing the digital solution company to thrive with successful results–and creating benefit for both the health system and the digital solution company.

3. 100% transparency: AVIA and its parent company, AVP, will be transparent in how we do business, including disclosing financial relationships, advisory relationships, and business model structure.

In particular, AVIA will be transparent about all existing relationships with solution companies. These include AVIA, AVP, AVIA or AVP employee, advisor, or Member advisory relationships or Member ownership interests.

AVIA will introduce and recommend solution companies to the Network, independent of AVIA’s financial relationship with one or more of such solution companies.

For any company AVIA introduces or recommends, we will be transparent about our level of due diligence, Member input, and any existing or potential future financial relationship.

For any AVIA Offering that leads to solution selection and implementation, AVIA will recommend solutions that are best-positioned to serve health system needs, as determined by member blessing and/or AVIA’s standard diligence process.

4. Financial partnerships are optional: AVIA does not require solution companies to enter into a financial partnership in order to gain Network introductions or recommendations, or to help our systems benefit from working with them.

5. Financial partnerships to deliver value: AVIA provides basic support for all solution companies chosen by Members through AVIA activities. Engaging AVIA for greater support through a financial partnership is at the discretion of solution companies and Members.

6. Committed partner to solution companies but no contractually permanent or exclusive solution company relationships: AVIA’s model hinges on driving value for solution companies and we are committed to driving significant value for them. To ensure that AVIA is always in a position to deliver the highest value to Members, we do not enter into permanent or exclusive relationships with solution companies. If over time an important or disruptive offering emerges, AVIA may add or change solution company partners in a market segment. Additionally, AVIA may partner with more than one company in a similar market segment if they address different Member needs.

7. Network access through AVIA Product Offerings only: Solutions developed by Members, solutions invested in by Members, and solutions connected to an AVIA or AVP employee, advisor or Member through ownership interest or leadership position will be reviewed and vetted through standard AVIA processes prior to any AVIA recommendation. We cannot recommend solutions to the AVIA Network outside of our Product Offerings.