in numbers

AVIA is the leading partner for digital health insights, strategic guidance, and consulting services. Members of the AVIA Innovator Network solve pressing challenges with digital solutions that deliver outsized financial and clinical results. Together, we accelerate digital transformation throughout healthcare.

AVIA Members realize the full potential of their digital strategies to deliver bottom-line results ... faster and with greater confidence than working alone.

AVIA Members achieve:

Accelerated Action, Greater Confidence

Find strength in numbers by leveraging the knowledge of our Network to arrive at smarter, faster decisions.

Strategic Focus, Transformational Results

Hone in on the outsized opportunities for digital innovation. Work toward scaled implementations that move the needle.

Greater Scale, Stronger Impact

Use AVIA as an accelerator and extender, boost your innovation capacity. Act with others to reduce risk and achieve scale.

Clinical Impact, Financial Results

Avoid errors in implementation or indecision, use best practices to achieve scaled success, measure your returns to drive greater investment.