Better Bets, Together

The AVIA Innovator Network brings together forward-leaning health systems to solve shared, pressing challenges.

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AVIA Innovator Network members are dedicated to transforming care through the best use of emerging technologies. Our rigorous, collaborative process makes innovation more effective and clears the way for health systems to take on more opportunities.

The AVIA Innovator Network continues to grow

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AVIA Innovator Network Members are able to:

Innovate Faster, Mitigate Risk

AVIA de-risks action through innovation cohorts. Starting with our members' needs, we develop business requirements, review the complete solutions landscape, lead contracting, and support implementation.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

AVIA points members to innovative solutions that offer quick wins by delivering rapid results. We also provide opportunities for members to create first mover advantage by working with entrepreneurs on game-changing ideas.

Expand Innovation Capacity

AVIA helps organizations expand their innovation capacity. We build a baseline understanding of each health system’s current innovation readiness, and collaboratively identify ways to act more confidently and efficiently.

Win with Others

AVIA provides opportunities to share in the long-term value created through the successful launch of impactful solutions. We align interests and create advantaged investing opportunities for health systems.