Healthcare's Only Provider-Led Accelerator

AVIA was built to serve the needs of health systems. We address the most pressing challenges by working directly with provider organizations to identify and implement the best emerging tech-enabled solutions, at scale.

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Success loves company.

Participation in AVIA's Innovator Network is reserved for those who share the common purpose of transforming care through the best use of emerging technology. The intimate nature of AVIA ensures that leaders are at the table with like-minded colleagues. We make the process of innovation more effective, clearing the way for health systems to take on more opportunities. Faster. With better outcomes. Pull up a chair.

The Innovation Imperative

It’s innovate or fall behind, with providers working to deliver better care and greater value at lower costs. Success requires looking beyond traditional methods of improvement and towards new approaches that fully leverage emerging tech-enabled solutions.

Still, your focus needs to be on delivering the best patient care possible – not evaluating emerging technologies. Few health systems have the bandwidth to source these solutions, or assess the entrepreneurs behind them. AVIA can help.

Venture financing health start-ups

Connecting power of the provider with the promise of the entrepreneur

AVIA bridges both worlds

We understand health system challenges and the variety of emerging tech-enabled solutions able to solve them.

The most promising solutions

We scour the entire marketplace and bring the best solutions forward.

Clear metrics for success

The tech-enabled solutions we introduce address a specific need. They are successfully implemented. They deliver maximal value.


Tangible Benefits, Immediate Impact:

  • 8—10x more solution companies evaluated
  • Review times consistently cut by 50%
  • Rigorous, structured sourcing
  • Standardized due diligence
  • Preferred pricing
  • Potential investment opportunities
  • Collaboration with like-minded colleagues

You Don't Hire AVIA, You Join Us By joining the avia network you are able to:

Innovate Faster, Mitigate Risk

AVIA de-risks action through innovation cohorts. Starting with the organization’s specific needs, we develop business requirements, review the complete solutions landscape, lead contracting and support implementation.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

AVIA points members towards solutions that should be implemented immediately because of their rapid results. We provide opportunities for members to create first mover advantage by working with entrepreneurs on game-changing ideas.

Expand Innovation Capacity

AVIA helps organizations expand their innovation capacity. We build a baseline understanding of each health system’s current innovation readiness, and collaboratively identify ways that organization can tackle more challenges at the same time. 

Win with Others

AVIA provides opportunities to share in the long-term value that is created through the successful launch of impactful solutions. We are committed to aligning interests and creating advantaged investing opportunities, a benefit for all.